Lions Head Ranch Pine Junction CO

Lions Head Ranch provides awesome panoramic views of Mount Rosalie, Mount Evans, Staunton State Park, and the wonderfully memorable Pikes Peak. Half of the ranch's 185 acres is Open Space, deeded in perpetuity to all the ranch's homeowners.


Wildlife of all varieties love Lions Head Ranch's enchanting meadows and seasonal wetlands. Throughout the seasons elk and deer herds migrate through the ranch. Eagles, hawks, and a variety of birds train their young in, around and throughout the ranch.


Lions Head Ranch's 97 acres of Open Space is shared by all owners, with no improvements allowed, and is forever protected and dedicated as WILDLIFE CORRIDORS. Life in the ranch will always remain in harmony. Lions Head Ranch is sweetly secluded next to Lone Rock and located only a few minutes from Staunton State Park which provides additional hundreds of acres of trails and many more mighty mountain views.